Stephen Huckaby at continues to gain momentum and in my opinion  is currently publishing the world’s best dedicated  ACW miniature magazine. If you are not familiar with it, head over to and have a look around. It is a quarterly e-zine that you can purchase a subscription to for only $12 a year., and pull up on your smart phone, tablet or computer.  At $3.00 an issue that’s a tremendous value for the quality content in ACWGamer.  If you enjoy gaming the ACW please consider supporting his wonderful new magazine.


A picture of the ADF Gettysburg game at Nashcon. John Hill is indicating that we are on turn three!

Here is a short recap of the articles in issue #3:

* ACW gaming news – a discussion of what’s new in the hobby like John Hill’s new rules “Across A Deadly Field”, and Good Ground (Cracker Line 10mm ACW) acquiring Starfort Miniatures’ 10mm ACWrange, and Johnny Con V.

* ACW Gamer goes to Cold Wars – Stephen recaps the ACW gaming and vendors at Cold Wars with a great article and of course beautiful pictures!

* The Troup Hurt House – Greg Wagman provides a paper model to print and build of this famous house from the Battle of Atlanta. Perfect for 6mm gaming with rules like “Altar of Freedom”.

* Return to Castleman’s Ferry – part two – A great after action report, and some house rules,  by Robert Sweeney of this classic “Johnny Reb ” scenario from GDW’s “To the Sound of the Guns”.

* Building a Civil War Observation Balloon – Richard Garretson discusses how he made his great looking 15mm ACW balloon.

* Hurrah for the Union! Painting 18mm US Infantry – a fantastic article from Scott MacPhee on how to paint 18mm Federals. He uses a black primer and his figures turn out top-notch. This is article is very well done with lots of great pictures and inspiring painting techniques.

* Good Ground – Making a Civil War Battlefield – by Bill Moreno. Bill’s ACW games always look great and in this article he provides some insight, pictures and tips on how he works his terrain magic. He provides a step by step process that any gamer could follow if they wanted to give it a go! Great article Bill!

* The Civil War at Sea – Strategic Naval Gaming in “Rebel Raiders on the High Seas”. Mark McLaughlin provides some excellent insight on GMT’s Civil War strategic level naval game.

* An informative article on the 1861 Springfield Rifle – the first of a new regular series designed to introduce new gamers to aspects of the ACW period.

* Issue #4 will be published on July 15, 2014 and will feature: Gaming the American Uncivil War (Hollywood style!), an 1864 scenario from John Michael Priest, a tutorial on how to paint 6mm cavalry, and much more!

Here is what ACW rules author John Hill had to say about ACWGamer – ”  I was very impressed with it… as it is as well done as any other magazine…print or ezine. What particularly struck me was how well done the “How To” articles were – both the one on two-tone painting and the one on making foam bases scenery. Both the instructions and the photos were superb. Please pass my congratulations on…for a job well done.”

Stephen is also looking for more scenarios, AAR’s, how to articles, etc., so if you have something that you would like to contribute please contact him via his website

Here is a link to ACW Gamer:

Good Gaming – Cory