“Across A Deadly Field” author John Hill has provided us with some clarification on combined fire rules / guidelines and some optional rules for large group / brigade fire resolution.

Some readers have had some questions on combined fire restrictions, and here John offers some clarification. John and his design team have also come up with a nifty way of quickly resolving one long battle line firing at another rather than facing off regiment by regiment.  It could result in slightly higher overall casualties than if firing by individual regiments — which would probably mostly result in morale checks depending on range and the sizes of the regiments involved — but, for a large convention game with lots of units, it gives a quick resolution and keeps the game moving (see below) and probably would be a nice optional rule for large games.


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Thanks John! If you have more questions for John please email them to us and we’ll make sure to pass them along! (Editor’s note: We are sorry to say that John Hill passed away in 2015. Please still send us your questions and we will forward them to John’s daughter, Stephanie, who is posting answers in conjunction with P.J. O’Neil on her great website Acrossadeadlyfield.com. – http://acrossadeadlyfield.com  ).

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