Brad Butkovich and Historic Imagination have released another wonderful regimental wargaming scenario book – “Brave Hearts Trembled – Regimental Wargame Scenarios for the Battle of Antietam”.

Brad’s scenario books work well with most regimental sets of rules and provide unit strengths in increments of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 soldiers per stand. This works perfect for my gaming group since we play rules in many different figure and ground scales including: JR2, JR3, Across A Deadly Field, and Fire and Fury. Game times (for events such as reinforcement) are provided in 10, 15, and 20 minute game turns as well. The scenarios were designed with 15mm figures in mind, can but could easily be adjusted for smaller or larger scales by modifying the map and ground scale. One of the selling points of Brad’s scenario books is their flexibility for use with just about any ACW rules.


There are eight scenarios in the book including:

Skirmish in the East Woods

Dawn in the Cornfield

Sedwick Ambushed

Bloody Lane

Sixth Corps at Dunker Church

The Boonsboro Pike

Burnside’s Bridge

Ninth Corps Attacks


The scenarios are well organized and each one contains a well written background and historical situation, game overview, terrain description, deployment rules, victory conditions, OOB, troop morale and weaponry, terrain map and modern and historic photographs of the battlefield. Brad’s scenarios are always well researched with accurate order of battles, maps and are well organized so that it makes it easy to go from planning the game in the book to setting the game up on the tabletop.

The book also contains a well researched Antietam campaign OOB and a Bibliography. It clocks in a hefty 134 pages of wargaming goodness. If you have any interest in researching and playing scenarios from the Battle of Antietam, I can highly recommend “Brave Hearts Trembled”! I know I’ll be setting up the “Burnside’s Bridge” scenario soon!

Here is an Amazon link for more information.


In conjunction with the Antietam scenario book, Brad is also releasing (PDF only at Wargames Vault) a book entitled “Antietam War-game Maps” (88 pages). This book contains scenario maps for the Battle of Antietam  in 25, 33, and 50 yards per inch scale. It’s a valuable tool to allow gamers wishing to customize and design their own Antietam scenarios and accurate scale terrain maps. This would be a valuable resource for someone wanting to really dig into the battle and create their own scenarios.

More information on “Brave Hearts Trembled” and “Antietam Wargames Maps” can be found on the Historic Imagination website – link

Good gaming!