While looking at the Cigar Box Battle Mat designs, I hope you’ve noticed that the mats combine to make MASSIVE gaming areas. We recently posted on Facebook the image below of our 60″x80″ European Mat combined with a second European Mat. To do this, all you have to do is take 2 mats of the same design and flip one around where the center road lines up with the second mat’s center road.



This setup WORKS WITH BOTH THE 15MM VERSIONS AND THE 28MM VERSIONS OF THE MATS!!! In addition to these combined gaming areas, the 60″x80″ Desert Mat, the 60″x80″ Grassland Mat and the 60″x80″ Ocean Mat (all with no roads) naturally combine as well. We LOVE big games, and want to see your big games!




Remember, if you’ve purchased a Cigar Box Battle Mat, we look forward to seeing your photos! If you can send them to us, please send them to info@cigarboxbattle.com

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Good Gaming!

Chris and Cory