The Gold Coast Gamers in Australia always have fantastic looking games! They often use Cigar Box Battle terrain mats and they when they do they always make them look great and achieve a “Wargames Illustrated” quality style wargame.

I have had some people tell me, “I can never get my table to look that great”, so I wanted to take a minute to show you that it is quite easy to get a great looking game, quickly, with our terrain mats and your figures and terrain. Please see the captions below on each picture:



This is mat 104B Grassland with Roads. First place some hills under the mat to provide some 3D rolling terrain. The nice thing is that you can use unpainted pieces of scrap styrofoam, cardboard, resin hills, etc. We recommend resin hills from Battlefield Terrain Concepts and Foxhole Terrain.



This shot gives a nice view of what you can achieve with rolling hills placed under the terrain mat.



Once all of the hills have been placed, add some woods, walls, hedges, buildings, etc. to bring your tabletop to life!



You can also add fields, streams, your own latex roads, etc. to really add depth to the tabletop. This also keeps the mats fresh and gives them tons of replay value.



You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can set up a nice looking game. We’ve set up club and convention games using a 6×4 mat with basic terrain and figures in 10 minutes. We really designed Cigar Box Battle mats with this is mind – we want you to be able to travel light and set up quickly! It’s just that easy!



Once everything is set up…start rolling dice! The mats are very versatile and you can could use this same mat for Napoleonic’s, Ancients, American Civil War, Modern, Fantasy, etc. Just let your imagination run wild!



Thanks to the Gold Coast Gamers for allowing us to use their wonderful pictures! Please like their Facebook page to stay up to date with all their amazingly cool gaming activities!

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Take care and good gaming!