I have been asked by a few local gamers if our mats would work well with  Role Playing Games and the answer is a resounding…. “yes”! True, many gamers use our mats for big games of miniature battles, like “Bolt Action”, “Across A Deadly Field”, “Black Powder”,  “Fire and Fury”, etc., but they work equally well for small skirmish games (i.e. SAGA, GW’s The Hobbit), or Role Playing Games. Here are a few pictures of a RPG I set up recently on my kitchen table:

One basic kitchen table! Almost any sized table will work fine with the  60″ x 80″ mat. We do offer smaller sizes too!



Add some hills  – anything will work from cardboard, magazines, Styrofoam, etc. Then place the mat over your 3D hills. Next add some terrain features and figures and you are ready to game!


D&D Next game on a CBB mat

A party of adventurers is attacked by some marauding goblins! Just put the mat on the table, add a little terrain (I just added trees, two rock formations and a small ruin), and miniatures and you are ready to play!


D&D Next game

The mats are very versatile and work well for any outdoor RPG adventure. Rumor has it that we might be working on some “dungeon” mats too! Stay tuned!


An ogre demands that this travelling wizard pay a toll to use the road! Quick – cast Fireball!

 I run an AD&D first edition campaign and we use these mats for all of our outdoor travels and adventures. They are versatile and generic enough to work for just about any adventure or module, and the set up time is very quick.  I’m sure your games of Hackmaster, D&D 5th Edition, RuneQuest, Shadowrun, 13th Age,  or any other RPG  would look great on these mats. The mat pictured is our 28mm “European” Mat, but we also offer a 15mm version which would also look fantastic with 15mm fantasy figures, like those  from Splintered Light Miniatures.

Here is a picture of Jolly Blackburn’s HackMaster game at Gencon using one of our mats!

If you are interested, click our Store link on our front page! Good gaming – Cory