The Diabolist’s Scheme for Frostgrave

A FREE Mini-Campaign for Frostgrave with FOUR┬áscenarios and optional rules, along with “cut-out” game markers from Cory Ring and Cigar Box Battle Games

ADF – Master Quick Reference Charts

Here is the Master Quick Reference Charts for Across A Deadly Field

ADF – Combined Fire Guidelines

A graphic that describes how to use combined fire in Across A Deadly Field

Dr WHO by GASLIGHT playing cards to print

Here are the cards to help play the Dr Who variant of GASLIGHT

Dr. Who by GASLIGHT rules supplement

These are rules for playing a variant of the game GASLIGHT using a Dr. Who theme

Johnny Reb III point system

This is a point system developed by John Hill for Johnny Reb III

The Ultimate Gamer’s Link Guide

this is a collection of over 800 website links that can be useful to Miniature Wargamers

ADF – 4 Page 15mm Ref Charts

This download is perfect for ACW gamers who want to use 15mm miniatures in your ADF or JR3 battles. written by John Hill