This incredibly detailed  mat was part of our recent wave 2 release! It’s a generic, desert brown mat that has many uses! The historical gamer crowd is using it for British Colonials, North Africa WW2, French Foreign Legion, and Wild West to name a few. The RPG crowd is using it for barren desert, and the sci-fi crowd is using it for the forsaken terrain of some distant moon. Here are some pictures of Cigar Box Chris’ 40K collection on this mat –

Orc tanks move over the muddy barren terrain mat. Check out the terrain detail! Click on the pics to enlarge so that you can see the mat detail!


The Marines get ready to roll out!


Dreadnaughts to the front!



The Orkish horde! Waggghhhhhh!


More of Chris’ orks on the muddy mat!

Great looking Space Marines!



All space marines were painted by Rhea Baskette


A great view of the detail of the mat in “no man’s land”.


Wow! What could be better than a fun game, with well painted figures, on great looking terrain mat!


This mat is 6×4 (actually slightly larger) and is made of durable, washable fleece. The mats travel light, and fold up to fit in a backpack. Gamers travelling to conventions, tournaments and their local hobby shops tell us they love how they can quickly put down a few hills, throw a mat on top and be gaming in minutes!  Here is a link to our webstore if you are interested in learning more – LINK

Also, check out our Facebook page for a video on the Muddy Barren mat!

Tribute –  Rhea Baskette expertly painted all of the Space Marine figures. Rhea passed away recently and was a local Nashville gamer, great guy, amazing painter and a friend to many. He will be missed by all of us Nashville gamers. RIP Rhea.

Thanks and Good Gaming – Cory R.