Johnny Con was held Memorial Day weekend in Franklin, TN in conjunction with Nashcon. The Rebbers lead the charge this year with gaming on Thursday and Friday morning (Nashcon doesn’t officially start until Friday at 2pm).  We had a great time gaming Johnny Reb, Across a Deadly Field and Final Argument of Kings! The JR guys are a great bunch of gamers that always know how to have a great time and are very welcoming to new gamers and are more than willing to show them the rules! We are looking forward to next year! Please see the pics and captions below for more info! Most of the pics were taken on an iPhone in the poor lighting of the con, so my apologies!


Cory Ring




We met on Saturday night in the bar to remember John Hill and to thank everyone that was able to make Johnny Con a success! I think Memorial Day weekend in Franklin, TN is a fitting way to remember the great John Hill.



Norris Darrall stated the gaming on Friday with a meeting engagement using 15mm Johnny Reb III troops! We all had a blast and were introduce many new player to the rules.


Norris’s game


JRIII in action!


Norris transferred his game to the ball room on Friday and was able to run five JR games with 28 players including 19 players that had never played JR before! What a great way to introduce players to the rules! Thanks Norris!





Kermit Hilles ran Brandy Station in 15mm using ADF. It was great to see all that cavalry on the field!


Kermit in front of his great looking game!


Brandy Station




Michael Wedding ran a 22mm Fort Stedman JRIII game! Everybody had a great time! Thanks for running a beautiful game Michael!


Action around the fort!


Michael Wedding is on the left


Another view of Michael’s fun game!




Dean’s games are always well researched, run well, and include fantastic looking figures and terrain. Thanks Dean!


Prussian Freikorps


The Austrians advance!


Dean’s great looking terrain!


Final Argument of Kings by the Master – Dean West. FAK is a JR variant for the SYW written by Dean.





Cory Ring ran a 28mm Johnny Reb 2 Assault on Vicksburg game! Picture by David Raybin.



The guys had blast either trying to take the redoubt or defend them! It was a tough fight!


Phil (l), Kemit, and Stephen (r) – the Rebs!


The opening layout.


The fall of the Square Fort!


Dan and the LA Guard in action! Thanks for making the trip, keeping us hydrated and playing good games! We appreciate you guys!


Thank again to everyone that ran a game, made the long trip and played in some great games! I hope everybody had a great time! Special thanks to Doug Kline for brining his wares to us. We hope you sold a ton! It was great to see all of the stalwart JR players pictured above, the LA Guard, Rob Prince, Stephen Huckaby from ACW Gamer, and Bill Moreno from Good Ground Minatures (10mm ACW). Thanks to the Nashcon staff and the hotel for being great hosts!


See you next year – Cory Ring