Johnny Con will take place again this year as part of Nashcon, June 2-4, 2017 in Franklin, TN at the Cool Springs Marriott (700 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin, TN 37067). Johnny Con is a celebration of all rules written by John Hill, but especially “Johnny Reb” and “Across A Deadly Field”. We have some really great games planned this year, including:


Thursday June 1

The con does’t officially start until Friday at 2pm, but the Johnny Reb crew likes to lead the charge and Norris Darrall will be running a 15mm “Johnny Reb III” Meeting engagement Thursday afternoon and evening. If you get in town early come by and get in the game! Norris is a great teacher of the rules and this is a fantastic way to learn “Johnny Reb” if you have never played before. Everyone is welcome to come out, roll some dice and command a brigade or two!



Friday 2pm to 6pm –

*Norris will host another “Johnny Reb III” Meeting Engagement game.

*Patrick Lebeau will run John Hill’s classic rules “Squad Leader” using 15mm miniatures. The scenario will be the “The Bitche Salient – Jan. 14, 1945”.

*Dean West is hosting “The Battle of Piedmont” using “Across A Deadly Field” and 15mm miniatures. (Dean might run this game in other sessions as well).


Friday 8pm to Midnight – 

* Norris Darrall will run a 15mm “Johnny Reb III” participation game for up to 10 players! Come on over and learn the best set of ACW miniature rules available!


Saturday 9am to 1pm – 

* Patrick Labeau will run the Battle of Lutzen: November 16, 1632 in 28mm using modified “Johnny Reb” and “Across A Deadly Field” for the Thirty Years War.


Saturday 2pm to 6pm –

Kermit Hilles will host “The Battle of the Susquehanna” in 15mm using “Johnny Reb III” rules.


Saturday Night – We will be hosting our annual toast in honor of the late John Hill in the hotel bar. (Time TBA) Come by and raise a toast to our favorite game designer! Come talk to some of the original play testers and developers of the game and hang out with some of the friendliest gamers out there!


Here is a link to the Nashcon site and PEL for more detailed information on these games and others – link


Please book your hotel room now, as the hotel will fill up quickly! Ask for the “Nashcon” room rate! #615-261-6100

There is still time to register to run a game, so if you would like to run a “Johnny Reb” or “ADF” game please sign up!

See you at Nashcon / Johnny Con! Please email me with any questions!

Cory Ring


Here are some pictures from past Johnny Cons!