Get out of the box! We are proud to release our circular terrain mats! These are fantastic, 60″ diameter, classic Cigar Box Battle mat designs printed on a durable and washable terry cloth like material! ¬†These mats travel light and will fold up into your backpack for easy transport and set up at game night.

We use these mats for in the round ¬†“Bolt Action” games at the pub on club night, “TANKS” outside on the patio table, or a quick pickup game of “Frostgrave” or “X-Wing” in the hotel lobby at the con, or even a quick “Poseidon’s Warrior’s” naval battle on the office table during lunch break! How would you use the mats?



The following mats are available as 60″ circular mats:

102 – Europe

102B – Europe 25mm

119 – Grassland

120 – Desert

190 – Scrubland

191 – Winter Scrubland

240 – Mixed Ground

250 – Space Frontier

380 – Winter Town

350 – Caribbean Waters

410 – Field of Battle





To order – go to our website and click on the design you like, look for the drop down option menu, and select 60″ Circular. They are currently on sale for the same price as our standard mats. Get them now before the price goes up!


Here is a link to our webstore for more information – link.

Good gaming! Cory and Chris @ Cigar Box Battle

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*** These mats are made from terry cloth and have a more towel like 3D texture than a standard Cigar Box Battle terrain mat. They are 75% polyester and 25% cotton and washable! They come with care instructions printed on a label on the back of the mat.