We are proud to announce that we have some new additions to our range of PLUSH terrain mats!


PLUSH terrain mats are the same great designs as our standard terrain mats, but provide a dose of 3D texture to your table top! The texture is like a closely cropped “teddy bear fur” mat, looks great, and will work well for 6mm to 54mm figures.

For more information, or to order, head to our website and click the drop down PLUSH option in the ordering section. Plush mats are premium quality, and about twice as thick as a standard mat.

PLUSH mats are now available in the following designs:

119 – Grassland

120 – Desert

129 – Tundra

128 – Muddy Barren

136 – Europe Just Fields

190 – Scrubland

191 – Winter Scrubland

210 – Red Planet

240 – Mixed Ground

410 – Grassland 2 – Field of Battle


Here is link to our website – store

And a video we did showing off the PLUSH mats – video


Good Gaming! Cory@cigarboxbattle.com