You have asked and we have heard you! Our most popular mat is our “Europe 1” mat and we have had a lot of requests for another mat that will link to this mat to create a larger, integrated playing surface. Well…here it is! The “Europe 2 (#135)  mat will combine with our “europe 1” mat either lengthwise or widthwise to create a 4×12 or 8×6 playing surface. The roads and terrain will align to give you a seamless, great looking  playing environment.

These mats can be used for just about any period, but we especially recommend them for: WW2 Bolt Action, Napoleonics, English Civil War, French and Indian War, AWI, 1812,  and ACW. What would you use it for?

For those of you that are new to our mats – they are designed for the gamer that wants to set up a great looking game quickly. You just put down some foam hills, lay down the mat, add your buildings, tress, and troops and you are ready to play in minutes. It’s that easy! The mats fold up and can fit in a backpack and travel light to the local gaming store, club or convention!

Introducing our new Europe 2 mat –


This shows how you can combine the new Europe 2 mat with the Europe 1 mat!



The 25mm – 28mm mat comes with wider roads (3″ – 4″) to accommodate the larger size of your tanks and mounted cavalry units. Item #135b



The 10mm – 15mm mat comes with approximately 1.5″ wide roads to accommodate your smaller sized troops! Item #135

These mats combine nicely to give you a lot of gaming options. We like to use the mats lengthwise (4×12) for convention gaming so that the players can get into action quickly and it provides the gamers with a lot of elbow room along the 12′ edge! We like to 6×8 version to cover our in-house gaming table for more in-depth, tactical  games with fewer players.

This mat also makes a great stand alone mat! You don’t have to have the “Europe 1” mat to make the most out of this mat! Just add some troops and buildings and you are ready to game!

A note on scale – These mats are extremely flexible when it comes to scale. We have a lot of gamers using the 15mm sized mats with their 28mm figures, but they use the “roads” as trails and paths. The French and Indian War in 28mm on a 15mm mat would be a great example of that! We also have 40mm and 54mm gamers using the 25mm mats in the same way. A lot of 6mm gamers tell us that the 10mm – 15mm mats look great with their massed troops. Let your imagination run wild and if it looks good to you…go for it!

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