I was at my FLGS (friendly local gaming store) recently and saw this range. I had been familiar with the Reaper Bones kickstarter, but really wasn’t familiar at all with their products. I saw that they were cast in plastic and they were inexpensive, so I felt I really couldn’t go wrong buying a couple for a painting “test drive”!


The Ogre Chieftan. This is a great sculpt from Reaper Miniatures. I use a lot of washes, inks and dry brushing when I paint and I think the Ogre turned out Ok.


I purchased two packs, the Ogre Chieftan for $2.49 and Kobolds (6 figs) for $3.49. I was really impressed with theĀ  price and the level of detail on these figures. I’m planning on running the AD&D “Keep on the Borderlands” with some friends soon, and I knew I needed one ogre and a bunch of kobolds for that module!

The sculpting is fantastic! I would say the only issue I had was that I primed the ogre with a white spray primer and it remained sticky. I had to paint over the primer with some water based acrylic paint to get the stickiness gone. I did not make the same mistake with the kobolds and primed them by hand with some white paint.

The figures are advertised as “ready to paint” without primer. I tried this on a kobold, but I found it didn’t stick too well, so I had to re-prime it. I’m also curious to see how the paint will do long term with some of the bending and flexing of spears, swords and ankles. I hope the paint won’t fall off! Reaper’s plastic is very soft and very flexible.


The Ogre’s back side!


Overall I can recommend these figures and I’ll be buying a few more. I’ve posted some pics of the Ogre and I’ll be sure to post some pictures of the kobolds when I’m done with them. Here is the link to the Reaper Bones site

Take care and good gaming – Cory