Jawohl! We have mats available for Sam’s new operational level WW2 game “Rommel”! Our mats are featured in the rule book and you’ll be able to see there just how great they look and how well they work with the game!

Sam and his new rules  “Rommel”!

We have the following “Rommel” options available:

#119 – Grassland with 4″ or 6″ square grid.

# 120 – Desert with 4″ or 6″ square grid.

# 240 Mixed Ground with 4″ or 6″ square grid.

The 4″ squares work best for 2mm – 6mm figures and the 6″ squares work best for 15mm – 28mm figures.


A picture from the rule book. This is mat #240 Mixed Ground.



These mats will link-up and you can connect several mats for an epic convention or club game! We worked with Sam on the design of these gridded mats specifically for his rules and we think that you will enjoy gaming on them as well!

All of the grid overlays consist of a thin, off-white line. They are visible, but do not look out of place and do not distract from the overall look of the game. Please see “Rommel” for more pics of the mats in action!

Link to Sam’s Website for more info on his game – link

Link to our website to check out the mats – link

** Use the drop down menu under each item code to select the 4″ or 6″ square grid options. **


Good Gaming! Cory@cigarboxbattle.com