Waaaargh! Here they come again! This post will focus on the vehicles in my Ork Horde. Warlord Freaka’ Skullsmasha descends upon us all like a heavy boot on a small ant! These are the machines of his Waaaargh!

Skullsmasha’s Battlewagon rolls across the battlefield over friend or foe! It makes no difference, for the number of Skullsmasha’s horde is unimaginable. It wears the image of Gork on top of it to inspire the boyz! It can be seen blasting from across the battlefield.

Watch out for the Warbuggy! It will zoom towards the enemy, just to belch out fire and destruction! It can be a quickly deployed and very annoying menace on the enemy flanks.

Trukks carry Skullsmasha’s boyz to the front lines. With big shootas and other treats for the enemy, the Trukks can run as cover for the infantry!

Once a weak and puny tank of da Imperium, this looted Leman Russ is now on the right side! This Looted Wagon is driven by the one and only Prime Kap’n Chuckhill (as seen below) and, will run you over before you can wave back!

Prime Kap’n Chuckhill in da flesh! His rokkit has your name on it!

This swarm of wasp carry rokkits and buzzsaws to smash and crush you! These Deffkoptas are fast and deadly! And, they like it that way.

up close (but don’t get too close, haha)

You haven’t seen it yet, but there is a Stompa (that’s right! a giant Orky machine of death!) that the boyz are painting as we speak!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and let me know what you think below in the comments section!