From time to time we like to feature a particular set of rules (and miniatures) and showcase how they will work with one of our mats. Our featured mat this week  is our  60′ x 80′ “Russian Winter” mat. We call it the “Russian” mat because we mainly use it for WWII Eastern Front “Bolt Action” gaming, but it obviously would work for any winter scenario, or in this case – a 40K  arctic planet!

I collect Crimson Fists, and have based them for arctic / winter battles. Here are a few  iPhone shots of some of my figures on this mat:

The kitchen table set up with some Crimson Fists advancing down a road on some lonely arctic planet – likely Warsteiner 5.


A close up of some of the excellent detail printed on the mat. The designer, Chris, did a fantastic job with this mat!


A Rhino moves up in support! I kept these pics pretty simple, but you can easily “dress up” your mats with your own trees, buildings, walls, bunkers, craters, etc.


Some of the Brethren disembark and look for the elusive Eldar.

This mat really has a lot of detail! Take this mat down to your FLGS and be the star of the show! If you are interested in more info, please click on our store link. This is a very versatile, great looking mat that  would also work well for Napoleonic “retreat from Moscow” games, French and Indian War scenarios, North Pole Pulp expeditions, etc.

Good Gaming – Cory