ACW historian, author, and miniature wargamer, Brad Butkovich recently released his newest ACW scenario book – The Road to Atlanta. This is an exciting scenario book, detailing 10 Atlanta Campaign scenarios. The scenarios cover actions from the start of the campaign outside Chattanooga in May 1864 to the approach to Atlanta in June 1864.   Included in the book are: Crow Valley, Stephenson’s Attack, McPherson at Resaca, Lay’s Ferry, Gilgal Church, Latimer Farm, Noonday Creek, Bald Knob, Pigeon Hill and Cheatham Hill.

Brad has done a great job giving variety to these scenarios. They range in size from small to large battles,  and contrary to what one might imagine from the Atlanta campaign, they are not all frontal assaults on earthworks! There is a mostly cavalry scenario, some open field actions and some flank attacks and yes… a few earthwork assualts! There is plenty of tactical flexibility and nuances in these scenarios to make them not only interesting from a historical perspective, but very enjoyable to explore  from a gamer’s perspective. Brad also includes some scenario specific optional rules that make the scenarios even more interesting.

The book is designed with 15mm figures in mind (1 inch = 33 yards map scale), but notes are provided on how to adjust for other scales. The maps and terrain descriptions in the book are excellent.  Another nice touch are the notes on how to adjust the OOB listed regimental strengths for different rules sets. Brad provides notes on how to play the scenarios at 1:20 figure scale, 1:30, 1:40, 1:50 and 1:100. This obviously works perfectly for the most popular ACW rules, like – Fire & Fury, Johnny Reb, and Across A Deadly Field.

Brad lives in the Atlanta area, and brings real expertise and passion to his writing. Included with each scenario are “author’s notes” where Brad discusses what the battlefield looks like today, and thoughts on the battle. I really like this touch and it’s great to read what a local historian, and expert on the battlefields has to say about them! There are lots of historical and modern pictures throughout the book and they really help to bring the scenarios to life.

If you are an ACW gamer interested in the Atlanta Campaign, this book should be on your “must have list”! I’m a die hard “Johnny Reb” player and I can guarantee that I will have the rolling hills and pine woods of north Georgia set up on my gaming table very soon!

Brad is planning on releasing the follow up book to “Road to Atlanta” in the future and I can’t wait to see it! The new book will cover the battles around Atlanta in July – Sept. 1864.

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Good Gaming! Cory @CBB