A four stand JR III unit ready to hit the table top in a game of Across A Deadly Field!

There seems to be a desire by more than a few folks to use 15mm Johnny Reb III four stand regiments with the ADF mechanics. John Hill decided to modify the ADF 25/28mm Reference Chart as the basis of a four stand JR III compatible 1:30 system. Note that the Fire Combat Results Table (FCRT) did not change. The original ADF fire table works fine for a universal 1:30 system, as in JR III, provided that the 16 figure / 18 combined fire point restriction is maintained. This is a great adaptation of ADF that allows for a more tactical game. Huzzah!

This is designed for the gamers that really like the ADF mechanics but still love the look of their old JR III units. Click here for the PDF link.

Morale table (BMP) for 4 stand units