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1. Howard, for those that don’t know you, can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I’ve been a wargamer since I was twelve. It was 1970, and ‘Waterloo’ had just come out. I’m from Birmingham in the English Midlands, but do not talk like Ozzy Osbourne. I share an old church manse in New York’s scenic Hudson valley with three cats, thousands of books and model soldiers, and Lori, my wife of these many years. She’s the pastor. I just clutter up the place. My taste in wargames runs to things that are entertaining, first of all, cinematic and quite often very funny. I don’t like hyper-competitive games at all. I’m interested in almost everything except C20th naval games, anime and superheroes.

2. Tell us a little bit about your publishing company Pulp Action Library.

It’s just Roderick Robertson in California and me in New York. We’ve been collaborating for years, but have yet to meet in person! When Roderick and I started the company last September we wanted to point up the core stuff we are interested in. “Pulp Action” is like “Pulp Fiction” but better.

Our first set was “Mad Dogs with Guns”, a Prohibition era gangster game, and we’ve followed it with the short games “Eat Hitler- the Nazi Taste Treat” (dinosaurs versus time-traveling Nazis), ‘Caveman” (semi-idiotic rules for Neolithic squabbling) and now ‘Battle-Troll’.

3. Tell us about your latest publication, Battle –Troll’.

This is a game that’s been around since the ‘90s, and generally well liked by a lot of people. It’s a Viking man-to-man game where combat has a paper/rock/scissors aspect as you choose how to attack or defend, and it’s possible to mess up completely and get stabbed while you call your opponent rude names (that’s an option as well). Roderick and I changed the activation system to a more organized card draw method, and he added a lot of campaign material.

4. How can our readers purchase Battle Troll?

Battle-Troll can be purchased through WargamesVault at this link or any other Battle-Troll link on this site!

You can get it as a PDF or a Soft cover book. You can get the cards printed or print your own – me, I’d buy them for practical reasons.

5. What does PAL have planned for the future?

Our next thing will be ‘Outlaws of Sherwood’, a simple Robin Hood game I devised to be simple enough for nine year olds to play without a lot of supervision. It’s got a lot of background stuff, scenarios, and a system to play a whole campaign (Roderick’s work).

Then we are on to a long-time project, “Chainmail Bikini”, which is Roderick and my take on the Sword and Sorcery genre, a cheesy, jokey “Rat on a stick” game. Like most of our stuff, it combines elements of RPGs and traditional miniatures games.

Later on, we’ll be revisiting the whole ‘Astounding Tales!’ series, and ‘Science versus Pluck’, which we bought back off Patrick at TVAG.

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