Mat #183 – 6×4 plus


La Haye Sainte (#183)  is the newest edition to the CBB mat line-up! This mat is designed to refight D’Erlon’s attack on Picton’s Division at the Battle of Waterloo. It works perfectly for 10mm – 15mm miniatures using a tactical set of rules.



The mat is also designed to be somewhat generic  in order to have a lot of reply value, and we have used it for ancients, medieval, Napoleonics, AWI, SYW,  ACW, WW2 and modern. It can be used for virtually any period. What will you use it for?

Here are some pictures of the mat in action:


A picture of the portion of the mat around the farm-house and orchard. There is some overhang off camera on the right edge of the table.



Some of the great detail of this mat. The roads are approximately 1 inch wide.



The ridge, sandpit, and one of the hedge areas. These can be used “as is” , or covered with trees, fields, streams and buildings to create your custom table-top.



We have switched things up a bit and here we have 1809 French attacking Austrians somewhere near the Danube!



A close up of the attack! You could easily swap out the building for any period building (or other piece of terrain) and use this mat for anything from ancients to modern.



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Good Gaming! Cory @CBB