Waaaarrrgh! Yep, that’s right! Green tides of aliens that only have one purpose. They want to kill other armies just because it makes them look stronger (and some reports state that it makes them physically stronger as well). I guess this guy is proof of that…

Warlord Ghazkull Thraka



That’s the fearless Warlord Freaka’ Skullsmasha who inspires more fear in his own hordes than the enemy, then uses that fear to crush his enemies.

Here’s Skullsmasha’s Masta of Meka! He’s invented all kinds of Mek for this clan. His favorite item, and the boyz’ as well, is his Kustom Force Field. Plus, a Stompa called Venjence of Freaka that the boyz haven’t painted yet.

Here’s the Nobz. These guys are bigger and stronger than normal boyz, and don’t you forget it!

Here’s the Burna Boyz! They are one tough crew. Led by Meks, and wielding burnas, these guys are to be feared. Burnas are like flamethrowers but worse! Plus, they can bash you with them!

Here they are, Da Boyz! The main horde. Each of 3 squads of 20 boyz led by a Nob with a power claw and a bosspole. (Note: I have decided to use the warboss model from the Assault on Black Reach box as a Nob. This is a really easy way to find power claws)

This is the pride of my infantry. My ‘Ard Boyz! I took Fantasy Black Orks and put them on 40k bases, then added a boltgun or bolt pistol where possible. They make a great addition to my horde and bring that much needed visual depth that is great for an Ork Horde.

Some might not have noticed, but one of the neat little features of the army is that the bases are all varied in color. I used many shades of brown to give a more natural feel. It is something that usually is not noticed outright but adds an extra “finished” feel.

Next, I will show the trukks and other vehicles. Fear the horde! I hope you’ve enjoyed so far, and look forward to more. Please leave comments below to let me know what you think so far, and if you have any other creative ideas about how I can make my force better!