Well, Cory and I finally found some time to do some vintage Warhammer 40k using the Battle At The Farm from the original Rogue Trader book from Games Workshop (kind of) We used the 5th edition rules a bit and had similar squads that the scenario suggested. But, overall, it was pretty dead on.

Around 40 troops and 45 minutes to do it, we had our work cut out for us. As you can guess, i played the Orks and Cory played the Crimson Fists. You know, we didn’t really plan on doing this scenario when we started these armies, but it just seemed to work out that we were building the armies that were engaged in a battle that some would consider the most iconic image of all that Games Workshop has ever done. (see below)

Here we go…

Turn 1:

4ftx8ft board…Farm in the center. The farm is the defensive position of the Crimson Fist Space Marines. Orks are approaching from the Southeast, about 28 inches away. Here are some photos of the individual forces:

The Crimson Fists were well entrenched in what’s left of the homestead. There were 3 units of 5 marines, including 1 missile launcher and their commander Pedro Cantor. (this was a very young and weak version of Pedro from what the Orks had heard) The Commander has a bolt pistol and a powerfist. All other marines have close combat weapons and a bolt gun. Cory’s strategy with these guys is to just hide like cowards behind a wall and pop out and blast away at my Orks in hopes to thin my ranks to the point that it is not even worth me  fighting them. What Pedro doesn’t know, is that I will never quit running at his face.

The Orks were approaching the farm from the southeast. There are 2 units of Orks. Each has 9 Orks and a Nob (like a unit leader) and 1 big shoota. These 2 units are lead by a Warboss with a kustom mega-blasta and a powerclaw (the equivalent of Pedro’s powerfist). My strategy with these guys is to just, well, “Run at his Face!” Waaaargh!

Orks went first and moved, shot (popped off one Marine). , Then the Marines went and shot a couple of times and hit one of my bestest boyz with a frag missile and wounded the Warboss and one of the Nobz!

Turn 2:

The Orks just decided to move and then run in the shooting phase. I had to close in, and fast! The Marines followed plan “A” (shoot me up!) and let me tell ya, he did! Real bad like! Orks were all in range of those boltguns.

those all hit! Dang!

Here’s what my Orks looked like after the rain came down:

The whole Ork unit to the right was decimated, only one boy left. However morale was still high (I guess). At least we stayed together.

Turn 3:

Now this is what I’m talking about!

We Orks got in there and had ourselves a human beating party! Unfortunately, our brave warboss went down. But we killed 6 of those Marines! Unfortunately they passed their morale test. It was up to my Nob to get rid of Pedro! I might be able to do it, he only had one wound left.

Turn 4:

But it was not to be. There was a miracle roll, that kept victory from our hands. Pedro made the one armor save he needed to make.

Pedro ended up killing my Nob. After all of this it seemed like there was no hope. I was still outnumbering the Marines, but only had my regular boyz, and was looking Pedro Cantor (and his powerfist) straight in the eyes. While staring at that powerfist, my wife called. Game over! Advantage: Marines. They held the Farm.

“Cory, congratulations on all of your lucky rolls!”

Here is a shot of what your table looked like during our last moments of battle, before I was saved by the bell.

Hope you enjoyed it!




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