We have been burning the midnight oil to bring you our second wave of terrain mats! We are really proud of these latest mats and think that there is something here for every table-top miniatures gamer! The new releases include the following: cut out terrain, Starfield, Apocalypse, Tundra, Muddy Barren, Tropical and our first historical mat,  the Battle of Nashville 1864. Please click on this link to check out all of the mats in their glory! LINK

We are going to feature all of the new Wave 2 mats soon enough, but here is a sampling of what you can expect:

Deep Space Battle mat – this is a great looking mat perfect for all you gamers that like pushing miniature space ships and star-fighters around the tabletop! With lots of room to maneuver and roll dice this is a great mat for all miniature space games. It also folds up nice and small for easy travelling to your friendly local gaming store. This one is bound to be a classic!

Perfect for any game using miniature spacecraft and star-fighters!


The Battle of Nashville, Dec. 15,  1864 – this is our first “to scale” historical battle mat. It depicts the big afternoon Federal attack on the Confederate left wing near the Hillsboro Pike and Granny White Pike. It can be used “as is” to refight this ACW scenario, but it would also work perfectly for the French and Indian War, The American War of Independence, the War of 1812,  and numerous other conflicts. The roads are approximately 1.5 inches wide and this mat works best for 15mm scale. This is a beautiful mat with some of our best artwork yet!

The Battle of Nashville 1864 mat. Perfect for gaming the ACW in 15mm.


The Tropical battle mat – This is actually based on the Battle of San Juan Hill 1898, but would work perfectly for any tropical conflict. We have friends using it for – Japanese WWII, pirates, Spanish-American War, Vietnam, Pulp Action, and fantasy Lizardmen and RPG’s ! It’s also a fantastic looking mat that Chris feels is one of his best art design so far! I can’t really argue!


Our mat based on the Spanish-American War battle of San Juan Hill!

I hope you liked these and will want to check out the entire Wave 2 releases on our website at – link

Good Gaming! Cory and Chris at Cigar Box Battle

PS – what mats would you like to see in Wave 3? Please contact us via our website and let us know!

PSS – if you purchase one of our mats please send us pics of your games so that we can post on Facebook and Twitter! We love seeing what you do with the mats!